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Nicholas LiCalzi

I'm a software engineer located in Brooklyn, NY, and currently working on the Growth team at Shopify.

I recently built Dendro, an open source, serverless
monitoring framework for small, distributed apps,
using Typescript, Go, React, NextJS, and AWS.

I have an M.S. degree in urban data science from NYU's
Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP).

A gif showing the Dendro deploy command An showing the Dendro dashboard

Dendro is an open source, serverless monitoring framework for small, distributed applications.

Dendro enables you to collect, centralize, and store log and metric data emitted by the various disparate pieces of your system.

That way, when something goes down in production, there’s no race to SSH into a dozen different nodes to figure out what’s gone wrong; all of the log data you’d use for debugging has already been collected, processed and tagged with the servers and services that originated the individual records, and stored in a single database for querying.

Dendro provides an easy-to-use CLI that abstracts and automates away toil and dozens of AWS API calls in setting up a serverless streaming pipeline, helps busy engineers get started collecting their monitoring data ASAP (so you have it when you need it to debug an outage), and provides a convenient querying and dashboarding frontend interface for data exploration.

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Check out the presentation I gave with my remote team spread across the USA on how we built Dendro.

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